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corrosion / коррозия, разъедание, окисление
имя существительное
corrosion, staining
corrosion, erosion
oxidation, acidification, oxidization, combustion, corrosion
имя существительное
the process of corroding metal, stone, or other materials.
each aircraft part is sprayed with oil to prevent corrosion
In high-humidity areas, regularly wipe the blades with a light coating of oil to prevent rust or corrosion .
engineers found the corrosion when checking the bridge
Also, avoid adding chloride to mortar or grout; soluble chlorides accelerate corrosion .
This is because the iron electrode is more susceptible to corrosion and to self-discharge on standing.
Now, this request comes after massive corrosion was discovered at an Ohio plant.
Our second dive is on this historic submarine, so that Mike can check anodes placed to reduce corrosion of the now-delicate hull.
Visually inspect the wiring for signs of rodent damage, wear, cracks, or corrosion .
This will ward off corrosion and prevent the cap cracking under normal dive depth pressures.
In most cases the metals used to coat or form the decorative threads are extremely thin, and corrosion can sometimes erode the filament entirely.
Painting is the only way to prevent corrosion , but this is expensive and time consuming.