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corroborate / подтверждать, подкреплять
confirm, reaffirm, acknowledge, affirm, support, corroborate
reinforce, underpin, back, sustain, corroborate, confirm
confirm or give support to (a statement, theory, or finding).
the witness had corroborated the boy's account of the attack
As I have explained she has produced no documentary or other evidence to corroborate those bald assertions.
Further study using a greater number of mares is justified to corroborate the findings of this experiment.
The only statistical data I have to corroborate my statement is observation.
In the 1980s, functional neuroimaging data appeared to corroborate this finding.
There are heat shield plates around the array that have been badly burned to corroborate our theory.
What he could do is extend an apology, as he has no evidence whatsoever to corroborate his deplorable allegation.
Our results corroborate such findings, particularly with respect to intervention assignment.
But yesterday agents who looked further into the raw intelligence said they had found no evidence to corroborate the threat.
Replication in larger sample sizes are needed to corroborate this negative finding.
Searching around the internet, I wasn't able to find anything to corroborate this statement.