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corridor / коридор
имя существительное
corridor, hallway, hall, passage, passageway, aisle
имя существительное
a long passage in a building from which doors lead into rooms.
Classrooms, corridors , the dining room and the staff offices are filled with pictures.
A scream had echoed all along the passenger corridor , waking everyone.
Her measured footsteps lead her through a corridor to a large room, complete with a fireplace.
The rectangular building has a corridor running from the entrance hallway with double doors to the drawing room.
The people live in dungas, pre-fab buildings, typically a corridor with six rooms off each side.
He led them out of the reception hall and down the corridor to a small room on the left.
Across the corridor , the dining room has patio doors out to the south-facing rear garden.
his room lay at the very end of the corridor
the valley provides the principal wildlife corridor between the uplands and the central urban area
The works consist of building a new corridor linking the main building to the disused Telephone Exchange in the rear yard.
the Boston-to-Washington corridor