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corrida / коррида, бой быков
имя существительное
бой быков
bullfight, bullfighting, corrida, tauromachy
имя существительное
a bullfight.
Or if you were lucky enough to come from a rich bullfighting family, the corridas were waiting for you.
On one occasion, traveling to a corrida in Andujar, he turned to his banderillero and announced he was going to do something that afternoon no one had ever seen before.
It is a ceremony that is carried out in carefully pre-arranged steps, as called for by the tradition of the corrida , each stage with its own name, and which the aficionados in the crowd will know by heart.
But nowhere has there ever been a record of a horse that has died during the corrida .
By contrast, Masson's representations of the corrida and the dead matador preclude such personal readings.
A corrida starts with a parade of all the contestants and bailiffs dressed in 17th century costume, who salute the president of the fight.
Would that make you feel any better, climbing into the corrida with just a cape and a sticker?
At the beginning of the bullfight, or corrida , the torero sizes up the bull while performing certain ritualized motions with his cape.
Later, the ladder sat there unretracted, its fourfold shadow cast on that arena wall on which some actor occasionally perched like a spectator at a corrida .
The assembling crowd reacted like fans at a corrida , saluting each move and countermove with appreciation for the artistry of it all.
Undeniably the most gruesome part of the corrida , this suerte de picaris is intensely disliked by aficionados.