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corresponding / соответствующий, соответственный, подобный
имя прилагательное
corresponding, appropriate, suitable, fit, adequate, correct
respective, corresponding, accordant, correspondent, relative, homologous
like, similar, alike, corresponding, another, parallel
имя прилагательное
similar in character, form, or function.
we discussed our corresponding viewpoints
dealing with written communication; having this responsibility.
the corresponding secretary
have a close similarity; match or agree almost exactly.
the carved heads described in the poem correspond to those in the drawing
communicate by exchanging letters.
Margaret corresponded with him until his death
When landlords allow student housing to deteriorate, there is a corresponding decrease in property value that impacts surrounding properties.
Just hit the CTRL or SHIFT or ALT button and then the corresponding key to execute the desired function.
To the authors' knowledge, the function of the corresponding genes has not been revealed yet.
The port that served the corresponding function in the United States at the time of the famine was New York, not Philadelphia.
The reactive dyes have been characterized by the corresponding color index names and numbers, the chemical class and reactive groups.
When the barreled action is joined to the stock, this stud seats into a corresponding hole in a block that is imbedded in the injection-molded synthetic stock.
We thank the corresponding authors of trials who took time to respond to our requests for further data, some of whom took the trouble to perform repeat analyses for us.
He is confident that average grades have risen beyond the corresponding rise in abilities.
One by one, the symbols matched up with their corresponding groups of three found around the room.
That uniqueness gives space its own operational characteristics - with the corresponding advantages and limitations.