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correlative / коррелят, коррелятивное слово
имя существительное
correlate, correlative
коррелятивное слово
имя прилагательное
pair, twin, double, companion, conjugate, correlative
имя прилагательное
having a mutual relationship; corresponding.
rights, whether moral or legal, can involve correlative duties
имя существительное
a word or concept that has a mutual relationship with another word or concept.
the child's right to education is a correlative of the parent's duty to send the child to school
He proposes this singular, jarring experience as the physical correlative to a spiritual reality.
The conception and the method are intimately correlative .
If the tragedy of the poem consists in Prufrock's fear of and failure to risk vulnerability, these lines configure that fear with a precise correlative for paralysis.
This is not a claim-right, because it involves no correlative duty.
Governments and others have a correlative duty not to interfere, except to prevent the most egregious forms of behavior.
To explore possible correlative effects among physiological and growth traits, we conducted two separate analyses of covariance, using the main effects of treatment and species.
However, even this correlative approach does not necessarily demonstrate the underlying mechanism, especially given the diversity of changes in gene expression, and the likely multi-component nature of resistance.
He has the obligation and responsibility of supporting, maintaining and protecting the family and the correlative right to exclude intruders and unwanted visitors from the home.
Although both mind and the sensory faculty receive their correlative forms when perceiving or thinking, neither is wholly passive in its defining activity.
Second, it's a very complex world, and it becomes a correlative of Mahler's psychological complexity.