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correlation / корреляция, соотношение, взаимосвязь
имя существительное
ratio, relation, correlation, correspondence, interrelation
interconnection, interrelation, correlation, interdependence
имя существительное
a mutual relationship or connection between two or more things.
research showed a clear correlation between recession and levels of property crime
English-speaking children very soon catch on to the correlation between the conceptual distinction and the distributional cues for it.
The sediments are noted for their rich ammonoid faunas, which allow detailed biostratigraphic subdivision and correlation .
He took up this post in January 1927 and his first published papers are on the theory of correlation .
Also, we used nonparametric correlation tests in bivariate analyses that included these variables.
Research finds an observable correlation between trade relations and improved warmth of feeling.
Within parentals, we used correlation to investigate the relationship between body weight and risk.
Overall these papers reinforce the idea that the evidence for a correlation between income inequality and the health of the population is slowly dissipating.
There is a clear correlation between literacy and growth (though the direction of causation was not all one way).
there was no correlation between the number of visits to the clinic and the treatment outcome
Back in the Fifties sociological research found that there was a clear correlation between how society viewed people and the prevailing political attitudes.