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correlate / коррелят, соотносительное понятие
имя существительное
correlate, correlative
соотносительное понятие
устанавливать соотношение
correlate, ratio
находиться в связи
have a mutual relationship or connection, in which one thing affects or depends on another.
the study found that success in the educational system correlates highly with class
имя существительное
each of two or more related or complementary things.
strategies to promote health should pay greater attention to financial hardship and other correlates of poverty
Anxiety and depression did not correlate with type of headache at onset.
This response does not correlate with the previous experiment, in which the effect was seen only at the 14-17 days time point.
They must be reoriented to correlate diverse information flows in a way that focuses on the efficiency with which resources are combined and applied to health outcomes on a daily basis.
Two such properties appear to correlate with the effects of the ions.
Again, the types of cells affected correlate with the time of overexpression.
we should correlate general trends in public opinion with trends in the content of television news
It is noteworthy that the communication observed in engaged couples does not correlate with their reported relationship satisfaction at the time.
For example, as universal as preferential exclusion may be for stabilizers, it does not always correlate with effects on protein function.
Marital conflict is also reported to correlate highly with concomitant depression.
If blood parasites have a detrimental effect on their hosts, heavy parasite infections will correlate with low host reproductive success.