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corrective / корректив, поправка, изменение
имя существительное
amendment, correction, modification, corrective, rectification, rider
change, variation, modification, alteration, shift, corrective
имя прилагательное
correctional, corrective, remedial, penitentiary, reformatory, reformative
имя прилагательное
designed to correct or counteract something harmful or undesirable.
management was informed so that corrective action could be taken
имя существительное
a thing intended to correct or counteract something else.
the move might be a corrective to some inefficient practices within hospitals
By spending time on preventive maintenance now, you can save time on corrective maintenance in the future.
Wouldn't it be more irresponsible of them to not take corrective action?
They still need to take corrective action regarding the inaccurate navigation charts.
Why wasn't I hurrying to a phone to call and get corrective instructions to the appropriate building?
Protective goggles are necessary in an industrial environment, and may be corrective or non-corrective.
Project Managers make extra efforts in codifying the mistakes made and corrective steps taken before any project is closed out.
It can then pass on operator instructions and corrective actions to the ‘guilty’ machine.
Then representatives visit the site and make recommendations on corrective measures to put things right.
It is only when it is present in large numbers that there is a need to take corrective action.
Poorly designed policies can delay corrective steps and create monopoly.