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correctional / исправительный
имя прилагательное
correctional, corrective, remedial, penitentiary, reformatory, reformative
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the punishment of criminals in a way intended to rectify their behavior.
a correctional institution
The duty of care owed by correctional officers to take steps to protect the inmates is a reasonable one.
Disease cases and death rates among inmates in prisons and other correctional institutions are often ten times higher than in the general population.
That weakens the most effective protection against abuse in the prison and correctional system, which is the ability to seek damages.
The vehicle bringing Luke and three other prisoners to a correctional Southern prison is reflected in the mirror-lens sunglasses of one of the guards.
The prison's chief correctional supervisor and its warden had written separate memos within four days of the murder.
Often there were interruptions from correctional officers and other jail staff.
One of my friends is a correctional officer in a state prison.
Costs are even higher in states with higher wages for correctional staff and medical personnel.
After 21 years in the correctional system, he was released into the community.
He also worked as a counselor at a juvenile correctional detention centre.