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correction / коррекция, исправление, поправка
имя существительное
correction, rectification, repair, redress, amendment, reformation
amendment, correction, modification, corrective, rectification, rider
имя существительное
the action or process of correcting something.
I checked the typing for errors and sent it back for correction
It will then move on to digital cameras and photography, fashion and model photography, scanning, colour correction , photo and text special effects, computer practicals.
Furthermore, direct correction and coaching have very little effect, showing the important role of the child's own efforts.
Efforts aimed at ensuring data collection, correction of data and technical errors as well as engaging in re-engineering of processes and procedures would continue, he added.
If someone with more knowledge in this area sees an error, I would be delighted to post a correction .
Thinking leaves us open to correction and growth, to continuing to see our horizons expanded and our lives transformed.
He also says a correction in prices of 10 or 20 percent would have to be sustained for the trend to be broken.
Its prisons and correction facilities release convicted criminals when they have served their sentence.
He also developed a widely used correction for multiple undetected changes in evolutionary base substitutions.
It deals with facts rather than judgments; in journalistic usage, a correction sets right an inaccuracy.
So while stock prices may escape a serious correction and the overall job numbers are improving, the average voter is unlikely to feel the improvement in the pocketbook.