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corpuscle / тельце, корпускула, частица
имя существительное
corpuscle, corpuscule
corpuscle, corpuscule
particle, bit, fraction, corpuscle, shred, corpuscule
имя существительное
a minute body or cell in an organism, especially a red or white cell in the blood of vertebrates.
It is composed of: red corpuscles , white cells, platelets, and blood plasma.
these subparticles at the centre of an antimony corpuscle are fluid and volatile
For a time, all you can see are blurred shapes swimming around on a glass slide, then suddenly everything becomes clear and you are studying a blood corpuscle or a cancerous cell.
Boyle reconciled the two aspects of his position by assuming that chemical corpuscles were composed of atoms at a deeper level.
High mean corpuscular volume, which is often a sign of either vitamin B12 or folate deficiency, has been found to be predictive for a risk of colorectal polyps in men.
To explain some of his observations Newton had to argue that the corpuscles of light created waves in the aether.
For example, the corpuscular hypothesis implied that swifter rays would be less refracted by a prism than slower ones because they were exposed for a shorter time to the prism's influence.
Neither Arago nor any other scientist could demonstrate that light must be either a stream of emitted corpuscles or a wave motion.
This complete blood count was done on an instrument which employs impedance and pulse editing technology in measuring the mean corpuscular volume.
Arterioles have a relatively thick muscular wall in comparison to their luminal diameter; the lumen of the smallest arterioles can accommodate about three to four red blood corpuscles .
But the result of the treatment can affect the blood corpuscles and may even cause death.