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corpus / свод, тело, собрание
имя существительное
vault, arch, vaulting, dome, corpus, arc
body, flesh, solid, frame, figure, corpus
meeting, assembly, collection, congregation, convention, corpus
code, codex, corpus, lawbook
trunk, torso, body, corpus
имя существительное
a collection of written texts, especially the entire works of a particular author or a body of writing on a particular subject.
the Darwinian corpus
the main body or mass of a structure.
The right fallopian tube, right ovary, uterine corpus , and uterine cervix were all grossly unremarkable.
the Darwinian corpus
The spines in both rows increase in size away from the umbo and there are a few rare scattered additional spines on the ventral corpus .
Chronic gastritis as well as activity was more prevalent as well as severe in the antrum as compared to the corpus .
A preliminary analysis of various vocabulary items based on the linguistic corpus obtained suggests that expected dialectical variation exists between and within communities.
An estimated 36,100 cases of cancer of the uterine corpus , usually of the endometrium, were expected to be diagnosed in 2000.
Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species was not a bolt from the blue: it fitted naturally into, as well as transcending, a corpus of writing on evolution.
We have tried to overcome this drawback by taking biopsy samples from the anterior as well as posterior walls in both the antrum and the corpus .
This text is an important contribution to a growing corpus on a volatile subject that has generated studies in several disciplines.
The entire corpus of Modern English prose has grown up since, and been influenced by, the works of Tyndale and Coverdale, and during the formative period of the early translations there was little other widely available reading matter.
the Darwinian corpus