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corps / корпус, служба, род войск
имя существительное
body, housing, corps, case, hull, shell
service, office, duty, job, employment, corps
род войск
branch, combat arm, corps, service, arms, fighting arm
имя существительное
a main subdivision of an armed force in the field, consisting of two or more divisions.
the 5th Army Corps
Rifle and cavalry corps were assigned for operations on the outer perimeter of envelopment.
Large units like divisions or corps are expensive and archaic.
But what about all the warnings from the army corps of engineers?
First, rather than integrating media affairs in its planning, the command simply handed off the press to a specialized corps of public affairs officers.
The troop commander should have a focus that is essentially provided by the corps or division commander.
The crown prince of Saxony was given the new Meuse Army, comprising three of First Army's corps and two cavalry divisions.
Mr Peare was one of the first corps of business studies graduates to emerge from Trinity College in 1965.
We don't recognize him, so Rachel asks Andy, a photographer and fellow press corps member, who he is.
As it happens, Jones was assigned to the corps of beam fitters - workers, Thomson assumes, who invariably labor alone.
I will remind you of the magnificent noncommissioned officers that lead our Army from corps to division, and all the way down to crew level.