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corporation / корпорация, акционерное общество, большой живот
имя существительное
corporation, incorporation, body, college, fellowship
акционерное общество
corporation, joint-stock company
большой живот
potbelly, corporation
имя существительное
a company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity (legally a person) and recognized as such in law.
The majority of creditors are large corporations and insurance and reinsurance companies.
The plaintiff is a corporation with its head office in Stratford.
They can accommodate the individual, the small business, and the multinational corporation .
As a general rule a corporation is a legal entity distinct from its shareholders.
Perhaps, the city corporation would do well to consider the suggestion.
These payments were treated as income to the corporation and then ordinary income to the shareholders.
The applicant was the largest creditor of the corporation and substantially financed its incorporation.
It's been nice, though to my chagrin not a single multinational corporation has offered me an endorsement deal of any kind.
A corporation is an entity separate from other persons who are its shareholders or associated with it.
We accept for the purposes of this case that the relevant corporation was a trading corporation .
When he resigned, he was Chief Operating Officer of the corporation .