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corporate / корпоративный, общий
имя прилагательное
corporate, corporative
general, common, overall, generic, joint, corporate
имя прилагательное
of or relating to a corporation, especially a large company or group.
airlines are very keen on their corporate identity
имя существительное
a corporate company or group.
The rating assesses the average risk of payment default of corporates in the country.
Such an advisor will be from a firm of accountants, such as mine, or a corporate finance boutique.
This time however the concern is the operation of such systems at the level of the corporate group which is the topic of interest.
Fitzgerald is promising a tough new visible policy on corporate governance.
When it comes to corporate income taxes, it sure pays to be a multinational these days.
The large corporate chains have already taken over our cities and are now infiltrating smaller towns.
When corporate performance declines, incomes moderate and tax yields suffer.
The event is being billed as a must for those raising funding and for those in the corporate finance business.
The presence of a controlling shareholder is a prominent feature of corporate governance.
The law on large exposures addresses the risks incurred by banks because they are exposed to the one customer or corporate group.
It may be that the value added by corporate headquarters is small, or even negative, in many enterprises.