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corona / корона, венец, венчик
имя существительное
crown, corona, coronet, diadem, coronal
crown, corona, diadem, coronet, coronal
corolla, aureole, halo, corona, coronet, aureola
имя существительное
the rarefied gaseous envelope of the sun and other stars. The sun's corona is normally visible only during a total solar eclipse when it is seen as an irregularly shaped pearly glow surrounding the darkened disk of the moon.
With the face of the Sun blocked by the Moon during a solar eclipse, the corona shines with the brightness of a full Moon.
a crown or crownlike structure.
The heart muscle has its own blood supply coming from a crown or corona of blood vessels that circle the heart, sending down branches to various parts of the muscle.
a circular chandelier in a church.
The curious structure in the front tea room was a rectilinear framework of wood with an elaborate wrought-iron flower stand on top of it and a circular wrought iron corona above that.
a part of a cornice having a broad vertical face.
a long, straight-sided cigar.
Eventually all the beautiful people were puffing robustos and coronas while schmoozing, partying and sauntering among the paparazzi.
имя существительное
a city in southwestern California, southwest of Riverside; population 149,923 (est. 2008).
In the flowers, corolla, corona and anther structure are similar, but the shape of the pollen tetrads in the two genera is different.
Ground-based telescopes observed a large increase in gases making up the comet's corona , including water vapour.
It is when the Sun is totally eclipsed that the solar corona is visible.
For the professional astronomers, the main subject of inquiry was the solar corona .
The style projects from the corona of anthers and elongates with age.
Contrast in spectral reflectance between the corona and corolla was evident only in Pachycarpus natalensis and Asclepias cucullata.
In most species, the head carries a corona of cilia that draws a vortex of water into the mouth, which the rotifer sifts for food.
As the brilliant Sun is covered by the Moon, the pearly corona flashes into view, the sky darkens, and all of nature seems to come to a halt.
Nectar is often visible at the base of the petals between the lobes of the corona .
A circle around the sun or moon that is smaller than a halo with a 22-degree radius, is probably a corona .