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cornucopia / рог изобилия
имя существительное
рог изобилия
cornucopia, horn of plenty
имя существительное
a symbol of plenty consisting of a goat's horn overflowing with flowers, fruit, and corn.
These were decorated using stencils and bronze powders (which were less expensive than paints) with motifs such as cornucopias , baskets of flowers, trailing vines, and a wide variety of decorative patterns.
One by one they argue the reasons they're not guilty of a cornucopia of offences ranging from illegal parking and moving violations, to tossing their garbage on the wrong day.
We found old baskets, a hand-painted antique serving tray, a child's chicken pull toy, a cornucopia , weathered vases and awesome iron candlesticks.
It has created millions of jobs from Malaysia to Mexico and a cornucopia of affordable goods for Western consumers.
But the food giant certainly seems friendly, offering consumers a cornucopia of food choices at low prices.
I cannot accept that trained professionals with a cornucopia of offensive weapons at their disposal can't remain calm and professional in crowd control situations.
The fifth annual five-day event boasts art, food and shelter for the homeless, a cornucopia of artsy performances and a chance to mingle with artists.
The markets are a cornucopia of tribal handicrafts.
If celebrities were food, most would have been a five-course gourmet dinner, slaved over lovingly to the point of succulence, a cornucopia of flavours, some rich, some exotic, some spiced, some delicately subtle.
A quick flick through Time Out will show you a cornucopia of options.
With Edinburgh playing host to a cornucopia of festivals over the coming month, it can be difficult to step back and take each individual programme on its own merit.