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cornflour / гумно, ток, кукурузная мука
имя существительное
barn, floor, barnyard, stackyard, cornflour
current, amperage, toque, barnyard, cornflour, threshing-floor
кукурузная мука
cornmeal, meal, cornflour
A rations-era store cupboard would have contained the likes of flour, cornflour , baking powder, Oxo and salt.
Mix in the macaroni, tomato pulp, onion, chillies, cornflour , milk, pepper and salt.
Sift the sugar and cornflour together, and set aside.
Essentially it is a light, full-flavoured gravy, thickened in the traditional manner with cornflour .
To keep it simple, serve the juice just like that, or thicken it with a little slaked cornflour .
You may need to thicken the sauce slightly - if so, use cornflour mixed to a paste with cold water.
Marinate chicken in soya sauce and cornflour and leave for ten mins.
Cornmeal and polenta are not the same thing as cornstarch or cornflour .
Both sauces looked identical and both were glutinous and shiny as if thickening had been quickened with the addition of cornflour rather than by reduction.
Add the cornflour mixed with rice wine, and bring to the boil, stirring gently until the sauce thickens.