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cornflakes / кукурузные хлопья, корнфлекс
имя существительное
кукурузные хлопья
имя существительное
a breakfast cereal consisting of toasted flakes made from corn.
Over breakfast I introduced him to cornflakes , muesli, yoghurt, and peach slices.
Carer Dennis Head told an inquest that he had popped out to pour a bath for a fellow resident at the Stafford House unit after helping Mr Ashton to eat his cornflakes and toast.
All I wanted was a bowl of cornflakes and some orange juice.
Ignore the glossy cornflakes and have an egg for breakfast.
It has a rich but soft taste, much like sweetened cornflakes .
He couldn't cook, so for almost every meal in the day he ate cornflakes or toast.
A midnight snack of raw horse meat and rusks was followed later by a walk and a hearty breakfast of egg, milk and cornflakes .
Today he has given me a bowl of cornflakes frosted with maple syrup (they are made by Whole Earth and are just scrummy) which I could leave to get soggy in the milk.
I helped myself to breakfast, doing my best not to spill too many cornflakes and cleaned up afterwards, crawling under the table to chase stray flakes.
It was cornflakes and full English for breakfast - no alternative - and check-out by 9.45 am prompt.
He grabbed a piece of toast and guzzled down a bowl of cornflakes .