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cornerstone / краеугольный камень, угловой камень
имя существительное
краеугольный камень
cornerstone, keystone, foundation stone, headstone
угловой камень
имя существительное
a stone that forms the base of a corner of a building, joining two walls.
These are cornerstones , flint stones, millstones, limestone, and milestones.
If the cornerstone is not laid properly, a building will not stand properly.
Written goals and ongoing evaluation serve as the cornerstone of another important facet: documentation.
Offering courses accessible to students around the state is in fact an important cornerstone of the North Dakota University System.
All of these factors are important, but the cornerstone of any preservation system is the ability to say no to demolition.
Yoga will continue to remain an important cornerstone , but I really need to make more time for weight training.
Only the cornerstone of the building had been laid when the engraving was made.
In building the structures and resources for nursing research, the development of a scientific community for nurse researchers is an important cornerstone .
Family-owned businesses will continue to be an important cornerstone of the American business landscape.
Our system of GPs is a cornerstone of quality health care.
Italy's membership of NATO will remain the cornerstone of the country's security and defence policy.