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corm / клубнелуковица
имя существительное
имя существительное
a rounded underground storage organ present in plants such as crocuses, gladioli, and cyclamens, consisting of a swollen stem base covered with scale leaves.
Clonal progeny may be produced by stolons, runners, rhizomes, tubers, buds on bulbs, corms and roots, layering of stems, and agamospermous seed.
And they are so easy to manipulate in the garden: Plant a corm and harvest flowers 85 to 100 days later.
The banana is a herbaceous perennial that grows from an underground corm .
They are rhizome-like in stalk appearance but actually develop from an underground corm , taking 10 to 15 months before flowering.
Despite their differing underground structures, corms , tuberous roots, and rhizomes are all referred to as bulbs.
Plant corms 3 to 4 inches deep and 6 inches apart in rich, well-drained soil in an area that gets full sun and no summer water.
The sturdy spade-shaped tool is great for loosening the soil in landscape fabric or plastic planting holes, or in beds when planting bulbs, corms or plugs.
Examine bulbs, corms , and tubers for shriveling and rot.
The primary bulb species used for gardens and landscapes include: true bulbs, corms , tubers, tuberous roots, rhizomes, and enlarged hypocotyls.
Along with true bulbs, several types of flowers, sold as bulbs, grow from the underground stem growth of rhizomes, tubers, and corms .
The corms of these selected plants were sectioned and the diameter of the corm and central cylinder determined.