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corker / решающий довод, неопровержимое доказательство, нечто потрясающее
имя существительное
решающий довод
clincher, corker, finisher, finishing stroke, settler, sockdolager
неопровержимое доказательство
incontrovertible evidence, corker, irresistible proof, incontestable evidence
нечто потрясающее
corker, rattler, scorcher
имя существительное
an excellent or astonishing person or thing.
it was the season's first goal, and a corker
a device that places a cork into a bottle.
it's a great wine corker
I might be just a little biased, but this album is an absolute corker , chocka full of great songs that brilliantly document Melissa's move from New York to rural Kansas.
it was the season's first goal, and a corker
Yet just when The Moon have apparently filed themselves under ‘Far Too Easy Listening’, they produce a corker - the astonishingly good ‘Hero Gets The Girl’.
The hotel's restaurant sources much of its food locally and, challenged to come up with a Yorkshire breakfast, Andy's chef Steve Varley produced a real corker .
The full forward's third goal, after Kingussie had twice come from behind to draw level, was a corker , but Ross will have to wait until the television highlights to appreciate the full brilliance of his effort.
And if the rest of the Comedy Festival is as entertaining and funny as this opening, then we're in for a corker .
We got our copy of this year's yesterday and it's a corker .
it's a great wine corker
Mind you I thought that this quote was an absolute corker .
Next, an absolute corker of a day was had in Burgess Park.