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cork / пробка, поплавок, луб
имя существительное
bung, cork, plug, stopper, traffic jam, cap
float, bobber, cork, bob, swimmer
bast, cork, liber, bass
имя прилагательное
suberic, cork, corky, subereous, suberose
cork, cork up
hide, conceal, bury, secrete, stow away, cork
закупоривать пробкой
имя существительное
the buoyant, light brown substance obtained from the outer layer of the bark of the cork oak.
cork tiles
close or seal (a bottle) with a cork.
The vapor collected in the bottle and when it stopped Xander simply corked the bottle, stood up straight and returned to Jessica who was still standing in the center of the living room watching the scene.
draw with burnt cork.
illicitly hollow out (a baseball bat) and fill it with cork to make it lighter.
Whether it's pitchers doctoring baseballs, batters corking bats or electricians creating an eye in the sky cheating system, historically, individuals and teams sometimes do whatever is necessary to gain an edge.
имя существительное
a county in the Republic of Ireland, in the province of Munster, on the Celtic Sea.
He had the walls of his room lined with cork to shut out light and sound and there he retreated to think and to write, sleeping during the day and venturing forth at night.
Suberin is also formed developmentally and is found in the dermal cells of underground tissues, the Casparian band and in the cork cells of bark tissue.
Hector and Rue laughed heartily and popped the cork on a bottle of champagne, letting it spill on the carpet.
The trees not only survive, but thrive through the process, which involves stripping off the bark and removing the cork layer beneath.
‘You can have a glass or two of nice wine, and we will be totally happy if you want to cork up the bottle and take home anything left,’ said Memery.
You never need a special occasion to pop the cork on a bottle of Moet.
he pulled out the cork and commenced pouring the wine
Then, suddenly, like a cork popping from a champagne bottle, the sleigh breaks free into a dark world.
Here there is a small single bedroom with cork floor tiling and a large full-length window looking out on to the front lawns.
vinyl-coated cork is practical as a floor covering