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corgi / корги
Without a television or newspapers for entertainment, he spends his time there drinking with the curtains closed against the sunlight, or playing with his dog, a corgi , and claims not to mind the weather.
The corgi , one of Queen Elizabeth's favorite breeds, is among 162 dog breeds and varieties competing in this year's Westminster Dog Show.
A huge black-and-brown mutt flung itself against the wire at her; something that looked vaguely like a corgi looked at her indifferently.
The burglars struck as she slipped out for a few minutes to buy food for Baz and her corgi cross Gus - both rescue dogs.
Baby Puppy in Show went to a corgi (an older corgi took Best in Show as well) but Millie stepped out very nicely.
I have two cats and a corgi , and I love animals - but people, they ain't.
Many different kinds of animals were moved this way - pigs, cattle, sheep and geese would be driven depending on the time of year - and the working dog was the corgi .
Clément the corgi is at their villa in Andalusia.
As the Queen posed for a team picture with the England squad, Berry, a rather determined palace dorgi - a cross between a Dachshund and a corgi - insisted he too was on the snapshot.
I notice a couple of corgis dozing on the carpet.