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core / ядро, сердечник, сердцевина
имя существительное
core, kernel, nucleus, heart, ball, hard core
core, mandrel, heart, mandril
core, heart, pith, kernel, medulla, boon
вырезать сердцевину
имя существительное
the tough central part of various fruits, containing the seeds.
an apple core
the central or most important part of something.
the dense central region of a planet, especially the nickel–iron inner part of the earth.
The Earth has an iron core surrounded by a dense layer called the mantle, which is capped with a thin rind of rocky crust.
denoting or relating to a figure for inflation that excludes certain items, chiefly food and energy, that are subject to sudden and temporary price fluctuations.
core inflation was up 2.3 percent over the 12 month period
remove the tough central part and seeds from (a fruit).
peel and core the pears
(used as the second element of various compounds) denoting types of rock or dance music that have an aggressive presentation.
Most modern calculations rely on the fact that we believe the inner core to be made up of iron and nickel that is just about at melting point.
In fact, it has proportionately more iron in it and a bigger core than does the Earth.
Nine seconds later, 69 boron rods smash down into the hot core of unit two, a nuclear reactor on Three Mile Island.
The screens variously arranged around the room gave off an eerie dim blue glow, the type of glow seen in a nuclear reactor core during meltdown.
The core characters in Smallville all have intertwining story arcs that carry them to different places during the course of the season.
The planet's electromagnetic field is decaying due to the outer core of the Earth, itself a ball of trillions of tons of liquid metal, having stopped moving.
core inflation was up 2.3 percent over the 12 month period
The core clock speed and memory interface speeds of the slower cards have yet to be determined, according to the spokesman.
‘They need to focus on their core food activities,’ said one analyst.
The good news is the Primorsky pressure to block such action should have now stopped, along with the resignation of the governor and the core of his team.