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cordillera / подводная горная система
горная цепь
mountain range
имя существительное
a system or group of parallel mountain ranges together with the intervening plateaus and other features, especially in the Andes or the Rockies.
In the western part, the Andean cordillera (system of mountain ranges) extends from north to south.
Two of them, the Rocky Mountains and Coastal Mountains, are both found in the west, while the arctic cordillera runs along the northeastern edge of the country.
To our left, Cuchillo displayed her perfectly formed profile while the rest of the cordillera 's snow-covered peaks stretched into the distance.
To the east the cordillera was scorched and spent, rubbled by decades of desperate agriculture.
‘Chacaltaya has split in two,’ scientist Edson Ramirez said as he led a visitor up toward a once-grand ice flow high in the thin air of the Bolivian cordillera .
On various trips to the Blacks, Mitchell calculated several elevations that exceeded the height of New Hampshire's Mount Washington, then regarded as the highest of the Appalachian cordillera .
It ranged along the cordillera from northern New Mexico to the Canadian border.
At the time of the Spanish conquest, the Andean condor's silhouette was a common sight along the entire Andes cordillera .
In the western part, the Andean cordillera (system of mountain ranges) extends from north to south.
Numbers of natives, especially Tarahumara, moved into the deep recesses of the western cordillera of the Sierra Madre to escape the Spanish demands for labor.
I still wanted to look at the Cordillera Occidental, the western cordillera , the other main chain of the Andes.