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cordial / сердечный, радушный, теплый
имя прилагательное
cordial, cardiac, hearty, warm, hearted, kind
cordial, genial, open-armed
warm, lukewarm, hot, cordial, soft, heartwarming
имя существительное
крепкий стимулирующий напиток
имя прилагательное
warm and friendly.
the atmosphere was cordial and relaxed
имя существительное
a comforting or pleasant-tasting medicine.
More likely, it had particular currency for a British public that had been besieged for years with outrageous claims for cure-all tonics, pills, oils, and cordials in the ubiquitous advertisements for patent medicines.
‘The meeting was held in a cordial atmosphere befitting the warm relations that exist between the two countries,’ he said.
The victorious Europeans weren't cordial friends.
A dog idly barked, adding to the majestic orchestra that played its beautiful music to the silent audience of nature, lulling everyone into a warm, cordial state of being.
As a matter of fact, it was a very cordial , very warm meeting.
He was a warm, cordial man, who immediately treated me like a long lost friend.
Strained once again and finished up with a dose of vodka, my cordial was looking nice and smelling lovely.
There was no awkward moments at the office, and we maintained a cordial professional relationship and a warm friendship.
The hospital superintendent and staff try to extend a cordial welcome, but the Minister has no time for such trivialities.
Yesterday's historic gathering at which political parties met in a warm and cordial environment is commendable and a breakthrough.
We are also aware of the importance to embrace the efforts of other civic organisations and we welcome the cordial respect and co-operation we have for each other.