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coracle / рыбачья лодка, сплетенная из ивняка и обтянутая брезентом
имя существительное
(especially in Wales and Ireland) a small, round boat made of wickerwork covered with a watertight material, propelled with a paddle.
The suspended flotilla includes modern powerboats, yachts and coracles .
In its original form, this involved saints like Columba taking to his coracle (that bobbing teacup of a leather boat, without rudder or oars), trusting the waves to carry him wherever they might.
In the mid 1990s he began to research the methods of coracle building used by the craftsmen coracle makers of rural Wales.
A circular bamboo boat lined with buffalo hide, the coracle is a common means of transport on the Kabini and Kaveri rivers.
They paddled inshore in a coracle of skins which, for the most part, lay upturned on the deck like the hollow carcass of some giant turtle.
I'd once built a crude coracle from hazel sticks bound together with string and covered in an old tent fly sheet; it had worked but I felt that I still had plenty to learn.
In under a decade, the steam yacht would be as passé as the coracle
Reepicheep hops into his coracle and paddles over the wave to the paradise beyond.
A circular boat, woven with bamboo and lined with buffalo hide, the coracle offers a leisurely drift, allowing you to watch hornbills flying against the darkening sky, returning to nest in the tall trees close to the river.
Hire a coracle , a buffalo-hide-and-wicker boat, or wade over.
Dairy, cattle, and sheep farming still thrive, and the Welsh still fish in their traditional boats - called coracles - constructed from willow and hazel branches covered with hide.