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copycat / обезьяна, кривляка
имя существительное
monkey, ape, simian, copycat, jocko, mimic
ape, monkey, copycat, mugger
имя существительное
(especially in children's use) a person who copies another's behavior, dress, or ideas.
They are copycats , without alternative ideas, who are simply aping the tactics of conservatives (magazines, radio, blogs) in hope of similar success.
Ronnie also noted that using the media as a scapegoat leads people to ignore problems that may exist in the homes and schools of those who commit so-called copycat crimes.
Kubrick himself banned its showing after a series of copycat crimes were attributed to the influence of the film.
Stone, meanwhile, is still facing a massive lawsuit alleging that Natural Born Killers, his satire of media exploitation of violence, is the cause of copycat killings.
Even if the bombings are being done by just one or a few individuals rather than as part of a crime syndicate, the last thing we want is for others to follow, copycat fashion.
The men who carried out both raids were Asian and detectives have not ruled out links between them but they are also considering that the second raid could have been a copycat crime.
Is there any danger, James Fox, that this kind of saturation coverage could actually inspire copycat crimes?
Some schools had copycat threats (two happened in suburban San Diego) others put new rules in effect, and many students used the event as a tool to get what they wanted.
What I really want to know is this - are these copycat crimes of stupidity, or is there just this global trend in trying to solve one's problems by cutting off the unit?
And yet when Stanley Kubrick's movie was linked to various copycat crimes in the early 70s, the director personally had it whipped out of circulation.
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