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copybook / образцовый, шаблонный
имя прилагательное
exemplary, model, standard, copybook, banner, classic
stereotyped, formulaic, routine, stock, stereotype, copybook
имя существительное
тетрадь с прописями
папка, содержащая копии писем
имя существительное
a book containing models of handwriting for learners to imitate.
Models are then provided for copying and developing in various ways: usually the teacher's own handwriting and specimens in copybooks .
имя прилагательное
exactly in accordance with established criteria; perfect.
It was a copybook move of pinpoint accuracy which saw Alan Stubbs spray the ball wide to Mark Patterson, whose near-post cross found the quicksilver Scot in a determined rush to open his account.
Hill's back-row forwards Andy Warren and Jordan frustrated the Knights with their copybook cover tackling, and substitute prop Mark Chivers was a real handful when he entered the fray.
Mike Rainey's conversion gave Hawks a seven points lead that should have been immediately increased when another Shaw/Henry move looked certain to produce a try in the corner before it came to grief on a copybook cover tackle by Callum.
But the return of new boy Simon Jones and Andrew Flintoff to the bowling crease found Agarkar changing gears, one searing cut shot and a series of copybook drives taking him to within earshot of senior partner VVS Laxman.
Winner of his last two starts, including one on this course, Colonel Frank is improving at a rapid rate of knots, as he proved at Wincanton recently when he gave a six-length beating to Orswell Crest after a copybook round of jumping.
A copybook tackle from Taylor forced Shaun Briscoe to cough up possession, giving Leigh position from where Rob Jackson could spin out of a couple of tackles to touchdown for a try goaled from the sideline by Owen.
As a result, the same building can, literally, be found in Melbourne, Perth or Denver as copybook designs proliferate due to a successful cost analysis.
The visitors played copybook football in the opening half and dominated in almost all sectors of the field.
Norman Williamson gave Golden Row a copybook drive to beat Say Again in the Carlsberg Lager Novice Chase.
And when Young once again broke clear he was stopped dead in his tracks with a copybook Exley tackle.
Tudhope described the refurbishment of the Halifax in the Strand as a copybook development, done in partnership with Kilmartin and again supported by the Bank of Scotland.