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copter / вертолет, геликоптер
имя существительное
helicopter, chopper, copter, rotorcraft, windmill, rotor plane
helicopter, copter
перевозить на вертолете
helicopter, copter
I heard angels' wings, but they were really only the spinning rotors of the copter .
The copter landed on Shikaku's private helicopter pad.
The orb then filled with electricity that shocked the copter and its pilots.
He strapped himself in next to me, and took my hand as the copter took off.
From a copter normally used for maintenance checks on tracks and power lines, officers are patrolling vandalism hot spots in Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, and Cumbria.
The hail of energy pulses was too much for the copter 's armoured hull to take, as it exploded and debris rained down onto the street far below.
The rotors started to spin up and they hurriedly jumped to the roof a few feet below, ducking to avoid the backwash from the spinning propellers as the copter lifted off the heliport and headed into the night skyline.
On the hardware side, making more twin-engine helicopters available would limit the risk of a copter losing juice at altitude.
We already had a malfunction and we both tried to get the copter on the ground.
Blair set his aside and just looked out the window as the copter lifted off.