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coppice / подлесок, роща, рощица
имя существительное
undergrowth, underbrush, underwood, coppice, copse, boscage
grove, wood, copse, coppice, hurst, tope
copse, coppice, bosk, spinny, spinney, bosquet
имя существительное
an area of woodland in which the trees or shrubs are, or formerly were, periodically cut back to ground level to stimulate growth and provide firewood or timber.
Utilization of starch reserves in naturally regenerating coppices was estimated to provide only a small proportion of the dry matter accumulated in new shoots.
cut back (a tree or shrub) to ground level periodically to stimulate growth.
coppiced timber
The coppice of trees seemed to get thicker as tall birches lined the road, replacing the old-fashioned houses.
Hearing footsteps approach the coppice , however, he was saved from answering his own question.
Some farmers misunderstand what they are supposed to do such as, trimming a hedge when the plan said to coppice it.
The forest services are providing for a pilot project involving 47 hectares of short-rotation willow coppice .
Regrowth is fast and the coppice is allowed to grow until the poles are big enough to be used for crafts.
much coppice is no longer managed as such
The 50 members of the renewable energy growers' group say they need the money to determine whether their 16-year contracts to supply the Arbre plant at Eggborough with willow coppice are now worth anything.
Instead of the majestic oak woods the path now runs through an oak coppice , where the trees have been regularly cut to produce young, straight trees which, in former days, would have been regularly coppiced.
It might be the edge of a coppice of trees which you can place in a fold in the distant hillside, or the spire of a church that you can put above a bush or tree at the waters edge.
The plan is to start producing synthetic gas from the willow coppice chips by Christmas and produce electricity at full capacity by Easter.