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coppery / цвета меди, содержащий медь
имя прилагательное
цвета меди
содержащий медь
coppery, cupreous
имя прилагательное
like copper, especially in color.
his hair was fine and coppery
They continued to trickle in under the coppery sun.
It was extremely coppery at first, but slowly became sweet.
Like a chameleon, flower color changes dramatically - from pink to coppery pink to rusty orange as the season progresses.
All but her front incisors are capped with some very red-gold, its either very red gold or it looks coppery .
The display of gold satiated my thirst of a lifetime, the incredible offers, and the variety of designs, in bright, and white gold, in muted and coppery gold.
The leaves are then spread out to dry until they turn coppery in color.
He could feel and taste the warm coppery blood that came forth.
The colour faded from his coppery face and it turned white.
The coppery taste came as my teeth cut into my lip.
Unlike many redheads she was tanned to a coppery colour.