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coppersmith / медник, котельщик
имя существительное
coppersmith, brazier, tinker, tinkler
имя существительное
a person who makes things out of copper.
The cloth-bound compilation shows turners, coppersmiths , tinsmiths, gun fitters, engine fitters and radio mechanics hard at work, including a large number of women training as fitters, turners and welders.
the crimson-breasted barbet of Southeast Asia, which has a red breast band, a streaked belly, and a repetitive metallic call.
Even if you live more to the western side of the city, just look out your window at an avenue tree, and you might spot a coppersmith barbet , or a night heron, apart from other species.
Even in his monumental riveted copper sculptures, one finds the subtle influence of the coppersmith / icon maker inadvertently creeping into his technique.
My father was a fisherman sailing out of Milford Haven and my late husband, Royston, was a coppersmith in Milford Docks.
Despite the difficulties, however, the coppersmith has retained the famous Gabrovo sense of humour.
The production of true brandy started in South Australia, where a local coppersmith produced his own type of pot still.
The exhibition at the Lancaster County Historical Society examines his Pennsylvania-German origins and considers his training as a coppersmith - a trade be was able to abandon as his portrait commissions increased.
Alexander the coppersmith did me great harm; the Lord will repay him according to his deeds.
Look at the coppersmith , or the crimson breasted barbet.
At first the house was rented by the De Klerks but it is believed that Harry bought the house although no one knows the date of purchase, but he was certainly the first coppersmith in Johannesburg.
Large trees attract the familiar ‘kuil’ and coppersmith barbet , apart from wagtails.
For economic and technical reasons, the alloys used by coppersmiths , brassfounders, braziers, blacksmiths and pewterers have varied over time, and a knowledge of the alloys can provide definitive answers.