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copperplate / медная гравировальная доска, оттиск с гравировальной доски
имя существительное
медная гравировальная доска
оттиск с гравировальной доски
имя существительное
a polished copper plate with a design engraved or etched into it.
Much controversy still remains regarding the techniques used, but all processes began with etching and/or engraving the desired design on a copperplate .
a style of neat, round handwriting, usually slanted and looped, the thick and thin strokes being made by pressure with a flexible metal nib.
Even then I regretted not being allowed to learn and to use copperplate but the days of the flexible steel pen nib were already ending.
имя прилагательное
of or in copperplate writing.
A painting of the sun setting over the sea in his book in 1921 was accompanied by the following message in very small copperplate writing.
The exhibition, at Cliffe Castle Museum, Keighley, from today until March 10, also features examples of Victorian hand-painted cards, with words of adoration written in the finest copperplate .
The hand with which she wrote her reply still showed the strong traces of a schoolgirl's copperplate , but her careless haste removed from it the appearance of any formality.
Bach admired the theme, extemporised a fugue on it, and said that he would make a copperplate of it.
A Basingstoke man was baffled when he found a 100-year-old set of local election results in copperplate pencil handwriting on his wall.
To push this concept further, Whistler etched many of his views directly onto the copperplate as he saw them so that the printed etchings are reversed.
Among his other skills, he was renowned as an engraver both in wood and in copperplate .
Unfortunately it is not clear in any of these registers as to when the copy was made, though in some cases the date can be approximated by the way in which the registers are compiled or by a change in the copperplate handwriting.
The date on the back of the photo, July 1st 1916, had been written, Ralph could see, in Jesse's copperplate hand.
On the first blank page names were written in different hands but all in perfect copperplate .
Please note that he only wants entries via email, so if your manuscript is written in copperplate across twenty-seven violet-scented onionskin pages, start typing.