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copper / медь, котел, полицейский
имя существительное
copper, brass, cuprum
boiler, pot, cauldron, caldron, kettle, copper
police, policeman, police officer, cop, officer, copper
имя прилагательное
copper, brazen, brass, brassy, cupreous
copper, copper-coloured, copper-colored
покрывать медью
имя существительное
a red-brown metal, the chemical element of atomic number 29.
In addition, fruit juices are rich in essential minerals like iron, copper , potassium, sodium, iodine and magnesium.
a copper coin, especially a penny.
you could hire a raft for a few coppers
a reddish-brown color like that of copper.
In other colourful news, I've just had some reddish / copper lowlights put in my hair.
a small butterfly of North America and Eurasia. The upper surface of its wings is typically bright reddish-orange or purple.
a police officer.
How do you know the coppers won't know you weren't there?
cover or coat (something) with copper.
Drake watched it from atop the watchman's truck, against the pole that held the beat-up and coppered bell.
At this stage tie in a length of copper or fine red coloured wire.
Unless perhaps you were a copper going undercover.
She stopped by a fruit stand and got two apples for three copper pieces.
Looking closely, there's a hint of copper colouring in the larger scratch.
Ellis says the copper colour is typical of an English style ale.
He knew the house belonged to a copper because there was a uniform hanging up.
McKinnon has an explosion of curly, deep copper coloured hair around features that can only be called elfin.
Laboratories in larger wineries may also be equipped to test for mineral elements such as iron, copper , sodium, and potassium.
There was quite a pile of copper coloured hair in a ring around the chair when she finished.
It is high in vitamin A and the B group vitamins as well as copper , magnesium, potassium and phosphate.