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cope / справляться, совладать, бороться
cope, manage, consult, master, refer, get through
cope, control
fight, struggle, combat, deal, contend, cope
имя существительное
chasuble, vestment, cope, pluvial
cap, hood, cover, bell, dome, cope
housing, casing, cover, shell, case, cope
имя существительное
a long, loose cloak worn by a priest or bishop on ceremonial occasions.
Here she was vested in her robes of state and was met by the bishop who was to perform the ceremony, with all the chapel Royal in their copes , the bishop mitred.
(of a person) deal effectively with something difficult.
his ability to cope with stress
(in building) cover (a joint or structure) with a coping.
Residents said local infrastructure could not cope with so many new houses and questioned if town centre facilities were adequate for the increase in population.
The station had to replace its fax machine three times to cope with the flood of paper.
But how did online news services cope with the massive surge in demand?
It soon became apparent that Reynolds rear tyre could not cope with the drying track and he was starting to lose time.
the roads are barely adequate to cope with the present traffic
the outer shell of clay is called the cope
He added that a Caribbean development fund was also essential to help smaller economies cope with increased competition.
Frank Smith related how his son was a sensitive person who did not cope well with crises.
What are the personal characteristics we need to cope effectively with rapid change?
At this time of year, we are at our most busiest and occasionally, we get more film in than the printer processing machine can cope with.