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cop-out / отговоркой
имя существительное
an instance of avoiding a commitment or responsibility.
being ‘average’ is the lazy person's cop-out
Critics argue this is a cop-out - a cosmetic change amounting to little more than a name change for discredited management structures.
This guide is not just impoverished; it is a cop-out .
To some this might appear a cop-out or an admission of lack of resources.
Isn't it all just a big cop-out - passivity as a life goal?
I discarded that idea because it seemed too much like a cop-out .
The revelation, when it comes, is as provocative a cop-out as you are likely to see, but so bizarre that you don't immediately notice that it isn't making a whole lot of sense.
Shop-bought sandwiches on a picnic are a cop-out .
Jim White liked it, but thought the ‘optimistic’ ending was a cop-out .
And another thing, calling a film pretentious is the biggest cop-out .
I certainly don't think of it as a cop-out to excuse oneself from helping others.