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cop / полицейский, полисмен, фараон
имя существительное
police, policeman, police officer, cop, officer, constable
policeman, cop, bobby, constable, copper, crusher
Pharaoh, faro, cop
catch, capture, pick up, catch hold of, hook, cop
catch, reach, cop
имя существительное
a police officer.
As of this morning, the area around the Japanese embassy is still heavily policed by regular cops and Armed Police with riot gear.
a conical or cylindrical roll of thread wound onto a spindle.
catch or arrest (an offender).
he was copped for speeding
strike (an attitude or pose).
I copped an attitude—I acted real tough
Let the government cop the political flak for spending taxpayers' money on this instead of heart operations.
They get paid millions to cop an attitude and are allowed to fail to deliver the goods on the field, court, or what have you.
Then there were the subsequent occasions I was unfortunate enough to cop an earful.
It's a ferocious and demanding sport and it takes a very special sort of bloke to put their body on their line, but it takes an even more courageous and humble man to go into a game knowing his team is about to cop a flogging.
Besides, even if you were to cop that kiss, you would not magically get A's or stop daydreaming.
I think I must be setting some kind of a record for the number of bans incurred and also the speed at which I cop them.
I knew about three or four places to cop , all in the immediate area.
will you cop it from your dad if you get back late?
They finally figure a way to cop his coins and they leave LWM to get arrested for digging a hole in the ground.
With the increased risk of being caught, people no longer dared either to cop a free ride or to carry a weapon.