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coordination / координация, согласование, координирование
имя существительное
coordination, timing
matching, agreement, coordination, negotiation, reconciliation, adjustment
имя существительное
the organization of the different elements of a complex body or activity so as to enable them to work together effectively.
both countries agreed to intensify efforts at economic policy coordination
the ability to use different parts of the body together smoothly and efficiently.
changing from one foot position to another requires coordination and balance
the linking of atoms by coordinate bonds.
In either case, the new structure represents an interesting and unique case of metal coordination in enzyme catalysis.
In addition to a headache, brain tumors almost always cause problems with coordination , balance, speech, sight, and walking.
But what about using the metal coordination of the DNA building blocks (or simple derivatives thereof) as a tool to construct new molecular architectures?
The coordination between Suffolk County and federal agents is relatively new.
Use of the buildings, such as for social, tourism, education, science, culture, or religious purposes, must also be in coordination with the agency, she said.
We try to address many different goals through art lessons, including increased fine motor coordination , visual perception skills and the ability to follow directions.
an important managerial task is the control and coordination of activities
The truly valuable European expertise is in the coordination and operation of multinational, hi-tech projects.
The energy shift is a function of the mass of the involved atoms and the binding strength and coordination , so every chemical species shows its own, distinct fingerprint.
The Battalions have also taken the lead in the coordination of building new classrooms, offices, and other facilities with heavy reliance on temporary modular structures.
Each collective sortie should be used to train and develop teamwork and coordination between staffs.