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cooperation / сотрудничество, взаимодействие, кооперация
имя существительное
cooperation, collaboration, partnership, contribution
interaction, cooperation, interplay, teamwork, reciprocity, intercommunion
имя существительное
the process of working together to the same end.
they worked in close cooperation with the AAA
Partnerships with external supporters require cooperation among those external supporters.
Both propositions are correct, but they do not cast blame upon the capitalistic system of social cooperation .
It is a story of greed and selfishness eventually defeated by cooperation and friendship.
We thank the symposium participants for their contributions and cooperation .
I believe in this new world, as well as the old, the only path to safety is international cooperation .
Annual meetings were held to coordinate global operations and facilitate cooperation .
Of course, business seems to be moving in the direction of increasing cooperation too, even with competitors.
Economic competition is a form of social cooperation in which producers strive to satisfy consumers.
From this forum, I again request that understanding, cooperation and support.
Each year a select few men and women are honored because of their genuinely heroic contributions to the enhancement of cooperative enterprise and to the advancement of the principles of cooperation .