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cooperate / сотрудничать, взаимодействовать, содействовать
cooperate, collaborate, contribute
interact, cooperate
facilitate, contribute, assist, support, further, cooperate
act jointly; work toward the same end.
the leaders promised to cooperate in ending the civil war
staff need to cooperate with each other
She did not reply in words, but her eyes told David that she was not going to cooperate in any way if he kept asking her like that.
the leaders promised to cooperate in ending the civil war
People with diverse resources and plans can cooperate in ways that leave them all better off.
Lionesses cooperate in teaching the cubs how to go about the art of hunting.
I have instructed every member of my staff to fully cooperate in this investigation.
The most important way in which the present system makes people cooperate with each other is when it drives them to fight back against it.
We have said that we will cooperate in these three areas of logistic support and use of airspace.
his captor threatened to kill him if he didn't cooperate
Thailand and Vietnam have agreed to cooperate in the publicity of their respective national events.