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cooper / бондарь, бочар, спиртной напиток
имя существительное
cooper, hooper
cooper, hooper
спиртной напиток
drink, spirit, liquor, hard drink, strong drink, cooper
имя существительное
a maker or repairer of casks and barrels.
Mount Joy was a great industrial town, having blacksmiths, wagon builders, coopers , weavers, millers, molders, and toolmakers.
make or repair (a cask or barrel).
First comes the sherry casks, then there's the traditional bourbon casks from America, and finally it is moved to new oak casks, coopered from American timber.
The company is one of the few brewers in the country that still employs a cooper crafting wooden casks in which the beers mature.
It was built by a Mr Robinson, who carried on the trade of a cooper , and he also used the front cellar under the theatre as a workshop.
John Drummond trained as a cooper in Greenock, making barrels to contain sugar, whisky and grain that were transported across the empire.
At the stables he unveiled a plaque to commemorate his visit and was presented with a statuette of the cooper at work.
In addition, Jeremiah's only surviving son Aaron, who later became a cooper , probably contributed to his family's productive capacity while learning the trade at his father's side.
Particularly striking was the breakdown of the craft system: only two boys (a cooper and a tailor) claimed they were apprentices.
We think the cooper , not the kind of oak, gives the greatest influence.
I left school at 16 and served a four-year apprenticeship as a cooper with Clyde Cooperage.
The advent of metal casks has all but finished the craft of coopering , except at Theakston's brewery in Masham.
Old time coopers made each cask to its intended shape and capacity almost entirely by eye and experience.