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coop / курятник, клетка для домашней птицы
имя существительное
chicken coop, coop, henhouse, roost, hencoop, hennery
клетка для домашней птицы
сажать в курятник
сажать в клетку
encage, cage, mew, coop
имя существительное
a cage or pen for confining poultry.
a chicken coop
confine in a small space.
being cooped up indoors all day makes him fidgety
имя существительное
a cooperative society, business, or enterprise.
At the edge of the village is an organic market where farmers from six co-ops sell their organic produce to the community.
When those two loaded the luggage I wouldn't have been surprised to find a chicken coop strapped to the roof.
He sets up court deep beneath the farmers' own homes, stealing directly from the chicken coop , the cider cellar and the smokehouse.
Next to her was a chicken coop with only three chickens left in it.
It effectively opens the door to the chicken coop and invites the fox in.
a chicken coop
It rains, the camera swings across the garden and focuses on the chicken coop and then the pool.
Sadly a dog broke into the coop and killed the chicken.
He went to the chicken coop and replaced every single egg with a brightly colored one.
Danny, our Labrador, was out on the ice too, barking at the crease the same way he did when he trapped prairie rattlers against the chicken coop .
He said he buried her under a chicken coop , which upset his other children, and later buried her in a forest.