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coon / енот, негр, хитрый парень
имя существительное
raccoon, racoon, coon
Negro, black, nigger, ebony, darkey, coon
хитрый парень
имя существительное
a black person.
They bet him two dollars that his hounds cannot catch a coon that has been running around in their part of the country for years.
Soon enough, the coon is back in the bottoms and the dogs are right behind him.
He says he cannot leave the tree or else the coon will get out.
The dogs tree their first coon and everyone is excited, especially Grandpa.
They looked up in a tree and saw a bobcat was after a coon .
They are on the trail of what Billy thinks is a coon , but actually turns out to be a mountain lion.
The boys and the dogs are at the tree where the ghost coon supposedly ran up, but the coon is nowhere in sight.
We circle around him to make sure he will be alright like vultures around a dead coon .
One guy was dumb enough to try to catch a coon and it almost took his hand off.
Apparently, one of the other teams caught three coons just before quitting because of the storm.