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cooler / холодильник, градирня, бачок с водой
имя существительное
refrigerator, fridge, cooler, condenser, icebox, frig
бачок с водой
имя существительное
an insulated container for keeping food and drink cool.
Fans were prohibited from bringing items such as camcorders, beach balls, frisbees, containers of any type, coolers , bottles, cans, cameras, binocular cases and horns.
a tall drink, especially a mixture of wine, fruit juice, and soda water.
Cafeterias on northern routes also have Class B liquor licences, which serve wine, beer and coolers .
prison or a prison cell.
They are sent to the cooler for 20 days.
имя прилагательное
of or at a fairly low temperature.
it'll be a cool afternoon
fashionably attractive or impressive.
I always wore sunglasses to look cool
used to emphasize a specified quantity or amount, especially of money.
a cool $15,000 to buy the franchise
Some products are stored in the main cooler , while others are routed to the truck bay for shipping.
If power outages typically only last a couple of hours, then powering the walk-in cooler and freezer will probably not be necessary.
the cooler was a dark, claustrophobic room
It turns out that the party was on you because one of the employees had pilfered a couple of cases of beer from the walk-in cooler at your restaurant.
A small cooler can keep most foods cold when traveling in a car.
There is a set of scales with weights, a rolling pin, a round spice tin, a wooden potato masher, and a butter cooler .
Both the cooling warehouse and cooler have localized cooling with fans installed in the ceiling.
If you're handy, you can build your own cooler with an old air-conditioner.
If you are transporting wine by car for more than a few hours, you may want to look into a small cooler or other method to keep the bottles out of the sun and heat.
My ideal fridge would be like the cooler in a grocery store - as you take one item, it's immediately restocked by some unseen figure in the back.