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cool-headed / спокойный, хладнокровный
имя прилагательное
calm, quiet, tranquil, peaceful, easy, cool-headed
cool, cold-blooded, dispassionate, collected, self-possessed, cool-headed
имя прилагательное
not easily worried or excited.
While the Games will be great, cool-headed analysts estimate the economic impact at perhaps one percent a year for a few years.
Pregnant Jordana Buckley and her mum Lorraine today paid tribute to a cool-headed fire control operator who talked them to safety knowing they were minutes from disaster.
Think, talk to cool-headed agent Smith, and decide.
The other was a highly educated, enormously well-read, famously cool-headed master spy for the Soviet Union.
The healthy functioning of a society requires a group of cool-headed professionals who reveal to the public all kinds of social issues in a timely manner, and journalists are such a group of people.
While any details about their relationship could embarrass the normally cool-headed England coach, they should have no relevance to his ability to do his job.
The cool-headed leader Rose continued her pace.
I am sure that the Australian people want both a clear and cool-headed government and also a good-hearted government.
We were halfway to the casino when the thing suddenly sat up and meowed, striking wholescale panic into my usually cool-headed , crack reporting team.
And what the world needs now are cool-headed leaders.