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cool / прохладно, свежо
freshly, cool, coolly
имя прилагательное
chill, cool, tepid, chilly, breezy, caller
cool, classy, zingy, super-duper
calm, quiet, tranquil, peaceful, easy, cool
cool, chill, refrigerate, refresh, chilly
cool, refrigerate, cool down, cool off
cool down, cool, cool off, get cool, simmer down, chill out
имя существительное
composure, cool, coolness, equanimity, cold blood, calmness
cool, coolness, chill, fresh, shade
имя прилагательное
of or at a fairly low temperature.
it'll be a cool afternoon
fashionably attractive or impressive.
I always wore sunglasses to look cool
used to emphasize a specified quantity or amount, especially of money.
a cool $15,000 to buy the franchise
имя существительное
a fairly low temperature.
the cool of the night air
calmness; composure.
he recovered his cool and then started laughing at us
the quality of being fashionably attractive or impressive.
all the cool of high fashion
become or cause to become less hot.
we dived into the river to cool off
The one Sunderland player who remained cool under this pressure was Thomas Sorenson.
We let these cool on the cooling rack and we made the icing.
In the cool of the evening I made my way back to the Ramblas, and took up station among the buzzing crowds for the Giants' Parade.
What better way to end a hot summer's day than to sit back to enjoy the cool of the evening with the latest gripping novel.
Certainly, as a corrective to some of the more po-faced excesses of cool London club culture, rave was a blast of fresh air, an important rupture.
With a bit of effort you rise from you seat and wander out into the cool of the night.
It's an unpretentious medley of old and new - the perfect antidote to the self-consciously cool bars of Dublin.
The lizards are active for several hours during the relative cool of morning and again in the early evening.
Summers at Valley Forge are miserably hot and sticky - not at all like the breezy cool of the Kenyan highlands.
Tomorrow I also get to see my nephew again for the first time in a month and a half - cool !