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cookery / кулинария, стряпня
имя существительное
cookery, gastronomy, delicatessen
concoction, fudge, cookery
имя существительное
the practice or skill of preparing and cooking food.
She successfully completed a Cordon Bleu cookery course earlier this year.
The participants in cookery had to prepare four varieties of food.
And like all cookery shows, it also gave the impression that cooking is done without cleaning.
Known for his love of good wine as well as good food, he has written many books and presented more than a dozen TV cookery programmes.
Further-more, if you miss one cookery programme, there is always another one along in a moment.
So check out what the best cookery courses in the UK and overseas have to offer.
a dining hall with a cookery at one end
What makes it worse is that school children get almost no other teaching about food or cookery .
I have completed courses in dressmaking, cookery , flower arranging and painting.
Those who take cookery courses come from all backgrounds.
As well as anger management classes, they take lessons on cookery and childcare skills.